Lighted Wall Art: The Latest Trend In Modern Wall Decor

We’re back again with yet another new product that we find extremely fun and innovative! Today, we’ll be talking about lighted wall art, and a few of the different types that are available. Here at Backbone Creative, we’re interested in all things creative, including unique ways that we can decorate our office! That’s why we find these lighted wall art pieces so fascinating. They are like nothing else we’ve ever seen before, and we just know that they are something that would make our offices more memorable to our clients.

DV8 Studio is a website that produces and sells hundreds of pieces of artwork, with several of those being pieces of lighted wall art. One of our favorite pieces is the one featured above, which is called Impulse. In the photo, you can see that the LED lights are different shades of blue, but what you can’t see from the photo, is that you’re able to change the color of the lights to any color you desire. Every piece of lighted wall art at DV8 Studio comes with an included wireless remote control, so that you can not only change the colors, but you can also adjust different light settings, such as motion patterns and brightness, as well. If you’re a little more tech savvy, some of their pieces even have the option of being controlled by a SmartPhone app!

What makes Impulse so unique from the other pieces of their lighted artwork, is the fact that this piece actually has duel zone LED control. It also has 50 individual panels, which is more than most of their other pieces of artwork. With the duel zone lighting, it actually has two different sets of lights that you can control. This allows you to blend two different colors together, and create a gradient backlit effect with your artwork. Your options are limitless with this piece, and it’s easy to make it match with any other colors in your room!

Some of their lighted wall art is more of the metal panel style. This particular piece is called Titan, and includes seven separate metal panels. You may be wondering if it would be difficult to mount a piece this large on the wall, since it measures at approximately 68” x 24”. However, this piece only weighs eight pounds, and most of their other pieces are around the same weight. Additionally, each piece of artwork comes with a hanging template, making it quick and easy to hang your lighted wall art.

They also create lighted metal sculptures, like this one, the L10P Aurora Torchiere Series in blue. It comes in other colors, too, such as pink and green! A piece like this consists of five separate panels, all of which have a curve design to them. This piece, like all of the pieces of artwork that they sell, is hand sanded and hand painted! This ensures that no two pieces are alike, and that you will always receive a one-of-a-kind piece of lighted wall art.

A lot of their artwork is on the larger side, but this piece of lighted wall art is slightly smaller, measuring in at 40” x 24”. It’s called Cosmic Energy, and it is three separate panels that are infused with LED lighting. This silver wall art is so neutral that you could place it virtually anywhere and it would be guaranteed to match the colors and decor! You are also able to mount these pieces of artwork vertically or horizontally, depending on your design style, as well as the amount of space you have available for the piece.

If you’re looking for a piece of lighted wall art that is even smaller than Cosmic Energy, don’t worry! There are still a couple options left for you to choose from. This one is called Light Wave. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but it is also a silver piece. It’s one individual panel, and measures 49” x 9”. While a piece like this may not be incredibly large, it still seems as though it’s enough to catch your eye, which is something that is very important when it comes to artwork. Just look at how much it glows! You can’t miss it!

The smallest piece of lighted wall art that we could find available on their site is Ammonite. It’s 30” x 30”, and it is nearly impossible for you to not be mesmerized when you see it! The frame of this piece is made from reclaimed hardwood ash. The artist, Brian Jones, says that this piece was “inspired by beautiful and curious ammonite fossils often found embedded in stone.” We can definitely see where he’s coming from. This piece of artwork is breathtaking!

All of the artwork at DV8 Studio is handmade in the USA, and all orders include free shipping! The artwork is made from premium quality aircraft grade aluminum alloy plates. Then, each piece is covered with several applications of clear coat to protect your artwork not only from scratches, but from UV damage, as well. They go above and beyond to ensure that you will receive the most high quality piece of metal art work possible. Another great thing about their lighted pieces, is that no batteries are required. You can simply plug them into a standard outlet on your wall!

If you’re interested in learning more, visit their website at As we mentioned before, they offer many different pieces of metal wall art, in all sizes, shapes, and colors. They have many different collections, including modern, abstract, and contemporary, making it easy for you to find your dream piece of artwork. It’s definitely something worth checking out if you’re on the hunt for a new piece of art to add to your home.

Have you seen any other types of new, innovative styles of art? If so, we would love to hear about it! We’ll be sure to take a look, and maybe it can be something that we feature on our blog in the next post!

A New, Modern Twist On The Traditional Turntable

If you’ve been following our blog, you may have already guessed that we are very interested in creative packaging! In our previous post, we discussed the Poilu paintbrush, and talked about how we think that the packaging you use to market your product is one thing that can really help the item your selling stand out on the shelves and gain your customer’s interest. Another thing we love, is new and innovative ideas for older, retro products. That’s why, today, we’re going to be talking about the LOVE Turntable. Depending on your age, you may or may not remember using traditional turntables, but that is what is so great about this product! It allows the younger generations to experience the sound of vinyl records, while providing older generations with a feeling of nostalgia. You can’t beat that!

Do you know anyone who still plays vinyl records? I know we do, and going off of the statistics we found, you most likely do, too! According to Nielson SoundScan, vinyl record sales reached 1.9 million units in 2008, and grew all the way up to 2.8 million in 2010. These numbers haven’t shown any signs of slowing down! Some of the reasons why people seem to prefer vinyl records are sound quality, surface noise, nostalgia, tactile experience, and the fact that they are seen as collectibles and can become valuable. If you’re one of the millions of people who are buying vinyl records, chances are, that you’re playing them on a traditional turntable, but you may prefer something a little more modern! That’s where the LOVE Turntable comes in.

LOVE Turntable

The LOVE Turntable is currently a project on Kickstarter, and was designed by world-renowned product designer, Yves Behar. Behar also designed SodaStream and Herman Miller. This is a product that was started back in March 2015, and on Kickstarter, they have already far surpassed their goal of $50,000, and have over 2,000 backers. If you order now, the estimated delivery is October 2017. The LOVE turntable is described as “the first high-end, smartphone controlled record player that you can use with or without its app.” To find out exactly how it works, check out the video here. You can use your smartphone to control it (either on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) to play records, skip or repeat tracks, adjust the volume, display the album cover, and select different RPM speeds.

With this turntable, you are able to place any size record onto the record base to scan it and determine speed. Not only that, but it’s very easy to connect to this device! It connects to speakers, headphones, receivers, multi-room systems, as well as connecting wirelessly through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. With it being so easy to connect to, as well as being a portable size, it’s incredibly easy to move this turntable from room to room! If you’re listening to music while doing dishes in the kitchen and then decide to move into your home office, that definitely will not be a problem. It was designed for that! You also won’t need to worry about having a table to keep your turntable on, as this will fit on any flat surface in your home.

According to their campaign, the LOVE Turntable has “audiophile quality.” As we mentioned before, if you’re one that prefers vinyl records due to their sound quality and surface noise, you’re going to like this! It was designed to keep the sound of a traditional turntable, while still using a stylus. This means, you’ll get to experience the crackles and pops that you would hear on a traditional turntable, with the same analog sound. It was designed to provide the same engagement with the record grooves as any high-quality audiophile record player.

With the device being portable, you may be worried about battery life. We completely understand. However, the LOVE Turntable is powered by a long lasting, high-quality lithium battery. It allows you to listen to over 15 complete sides of 12” LP records, and can be charged quickly and easily with an included USB cable. The device takes approximately 1.5 hours to recharge. You could also be concerned about the safety of your vinyl records, but don’t worry. Your records will be safe! This turntable is not going to place any weight onto your records, as the entire weight of the turntable is supported by it’s large, rotating foot pad. This foot pad sits on the label of the record, and your record’s grooves will not be touched by anything other than the stylus.

Right now, you can save up to 52% if you preorder the LOVE Turntable! If you’re only purchasing one device, the price is $319 and includes two record bases, aptX Bluetooth adapter, 7 inch vinyl record adapter, charger, and power cable. The record base colors they have available are black, white, and red. Or, if you’d like to purchase two LOVE Turntables, you can get two for $574. That package includes four record bases, two aptX Bluetooth adapters, two 7 inch vinyl record adapters, two chargers, and two power cables. Both packages also include free shipping to US and Canada.

If you have any questions about this device, be sure to check out their page on Kickstarter. There, you can see all of the tech specs, acoustic requirements, software specs, audio specs, wireless interfaces, and they have an entire FAQ section! You’re also able to see the entire team of product designers and sound and robotics engineers who have created this amazing turntable, as well as a complete timeline, where you can see how much they’ve been working on it for the past two years.

Is this a device you would be interested in? Do you have a friend or family member who you think would really be into it? We would love to hear your input, so let us know in the comment section below! As always, if you’ve recently come across an incredibly creative packaging design, or a new, innovative twist on a product or device, feel free to share it with us! We’re always looking for new things to share on our blog.

Why Packaging Design is So Important to Your Brand

Have you ever been in the checkout line at the grocery store, and chosen to purchase a specific candy or pack of gum, knowing that your decision was based solely on the design of the packaging? Or maybe you’ve chosen to purchase a certain brand of wine because it’s bottle looked a little more appealing than all of the other options, and it was the bottle that caught your eye first? You’re not alone! More and more consumers are making purchasing decisions that rely largely on creative packaging design. In fact, some marketers would even say that your packaging has now become just as important as the product itself. After all, they will see your product’s packaging before they ever see or use your product.

These days, the average consumer doesn’t have the time or patience to compare different products, or weigh the advantages and disadvantages or your product versus a similar one. They are trying to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible, which leads to many of them making a quick decision based off of how the packaging looks. As you know, this isn’t always a fair way to judge a product. Your product could be significantly better than your competitor’s, but if your package design is lacking, they may not even give your product a chance. It is because of this that 95% of new products fail every year.

The packaging design is significant for a couple of different reasons. On one hand, it shows your consumers how your brand is different from competitors. It can also show your brand’s personality – such as, if your brand is humorous, or more serious, or a little abstract. Many consumers will lean more towards a brand that they feel is most like them, or one that they can relate to. A design that is especially aesthetically pleasing could even lure in a customer who wasn’t even shopping for the type of product you’re selling. On the other hand, the design still needs to be one that is functional and protects the product.

That being said, there are quite a few additional things you have to take into consideration when designing product packaging. Knowing your demographic is important, because depending on who you’re trying to appeal to, you may need to choose different colors, fonts, design styles, etc. Eco-friendly packaging options are another thing you may want to consider. If your packaging is recyclable or if you already know that your key demographic tends to be more earth-friendly, that will give you an advantage over your competition! Lastly, you should also verify that your packaging is not going to make your product too expensive. Package design is important, but we all know that many consumers will ultimately look at price more than anything else.

Paintbrushes with mustache in create packaging design

We are constantly looking for creative packaging designs, and there are a lot out there! Some of the designs we’ve stumbled upon have been absolutely unbelievable. One that recently caught our eye was a mustache paintbrush called “Poilu,” which was designed by French-Canadian graphic artist, Simon Laliberté. It actually won a Gold Award and Special Prize Pentaward in 2013! It’s not every day that a paintbrush catches my eye at the hardware store, but I’m almost positive that if I passed a shelf with one of these paintbrushes on it, I couldn’t not look at it. In fact, it’s such a clever idea that I may buy it even if I didn’t need a paintbrush at that exact moment. I could just assume that one day I would need a paintbrush, and when that time came, I would already have the perfect, most-cleverly designed one in existence. Besides, if you’ve ever done very much painting, you know that you can definitely use any bit of humor you can get during those exhausting, messy, stressful moments. Seeing a paintbrush that looks like a mustache just may inspire you to laugh a little.

Create paintbrush branding package

What makes the design of their packaging so perfect, is that it’s not only comical and fun to look at, but it’s also extremely functional. Using only one piece of cardboard, the packaging is holding two paintbrushes together. One is the size of your standard paintbrush, and the other is a smaller paintbrush for doing touch-ups (people don’t always realize they need these, but they do). Then, once you’ve removed the paintbrushes from the packaging, you can use the cardboard to support the paintbrushes when they are full of paint.

Branding Product With Creative Packaging Design

Each of the cardboard packages have hand-drawn illustrations created by the brand, and as you can see, they have created a variety of different characters for their paintbrushes. With some of them, the natural hairs of the paintbrush have been dyed. This is perfect for those of us who have dark hair and want our mustache paintbrush to match our hair color. They even have red-haired paintbrushes and packaging with glasses drawn on them!

Paintbrush that looks like it has a mustache

In my opinion, this is an amazingly creative idea for product packaging. Who knew you could make something like a paintbrush look so fun and interesting? This is a great example of why packaging should be so important to your company or brand’s marketing plan. Creative designs like this are popping up everywhere! Not just in the hardware and painting industries. Packaging design is hugely popular in the food industry right now. Brands are doing everything they can to ensure that their product stands out in the sea of similar products. Soon, packaging designs like this are going to be available in every industry, and unless you already have a loyal customer-base that continues to repeatedly purchase your products, your products may get overlooked.

What are some of the best packaging designs you’ve seen within the last few months? We are always looking to feature new, innovative design ideas, and we would love to see any that you’ve created or stumbled upon while browsing online. Be sure to bookmark our page, so you don’t miss our future posts!