Why Packaging Design is So Important to Your Brand

Have you ever been in the checkout line at the grocery store, and chosen to purchase a specific candy or pack of gum, knowing that your decision was based solely on the design of the packaging? Or maybe you’ve chosen to purchase a certain brand of wine because it’s bottle looked a little more appealing than all of the other options, and it was the bottle that caught your eye first? You’re not alone! More and more consumers are making purchasing decisions that rely largely on creative packaging design. In fact, some marketers would even say that your packaging has now become just as important as the product itself. After all, they will see your product’s packaging before they ever see or use your product.

These days, the average consumer doesn’t have the time or patience to compare different products, or weigh the advantages and disadvantages or your product versus a similar one. They are trying to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible, which leads to many of them making a quick decision based off of how the packaging looks. As you know, this isn’t always a fair way to judge a product. Your product could be significantly better than your competitor’s, but if your package design is lacking, they may not even give your product a chance. It is because of this that 95% of new products fail every year.

The packaging design is significant for a couple of different reasons. On one hand, it shows your consumers how your brand is different from competitors. It can also show your brand’s personality – such as, if your brand is humorous, or more serious, or a little abstract. Many consumers will lean more towards a brand that they feel is most like them, or one that they can relate to. A design that is especially aesthetically pleasing could even lure in a customer who wasn’t even shopping for the type of product you’re selling. On the other hand, the design still needs to be one that is functional and protects the product.

That being said, there are quite a few additional things you have to take into consideration when designing product packaging. Knowing your demographic is important, because depending on who you’re trying to appeal to, you may need to choose different colors, fonts, design styles, etc. Eco-friendly packaging options are another thing you may want to consider. If your packaging is recyclable or if you already know that your key demographic tends to be more earth-friendly, that will give you an advantage over your competition! Lastly, you should also verify that your packaging is not going to make your product too expensive. Package design is important, but we all know that many consumers will ultimately look at price more than anything else.

Paintbrushes with mustache in create packaging design

We are constantly looking for creative packaging designs, and there are a lot out there! Some of the designs we’ve stumbled upon have been absolutely unbelievable. One that recently caught our eye was a mustache paintbrush called “Poilu,” which was designed by French-Canadian graphic artist, Simon Laliberté. It actually won a Gold Award and Special Prize Pentaward in 2013! It’s not every day that a paintbrush catches my eye at the hardware store, but I’m almost positive that if I passed a shelf with one of these paintbrushes on it, I couldn’t not look at it. In fact, it’s such a clever idea that I may buy it even if I didn’t need a paintbrush at that exact moment. I could just assume that one day I would need a paintbrush, and when that time came, I would already have the perfect, most-cleverly designed one in existence. Besides, if you’ve ever done very much painting, you know that you can definitely use any bit of humor you can get during those exhausting, messy, stressful moments. Seeing a paintbrush that looks like a mustache just may inspire you to laugh a little.

Create paintbrush branding package

What makes the design of their packaging so perfect, is that it’s not only comical and fun to look at, but it’s also extremely functional. Using only one piece of cardboard, the packaging is holding two paintbrushes together. One is the size of your standard paintbrush, and the other is a smaller paintbrush for doing touch-ups (people don’t always realize they need these, but they do). Then, once you’ve removed the paintbrushes from the packaging, you can use the cardboard to support the paintbrushes when they are full of paint.

Branding Product With Creative Packaging Design

Each of the cardboard packages have hand-drawn illustrations created by the brand, and as you can see, they have created a variety of different characters for their paintbrushes. With some of them, the natural hairs of the paintbrush have been dyed. This is perfect for those of us who have dark hair and want our mustache paintbrush to match our hair color. They even have red-haired paintbrushes and packaging with glasses drawn on them!

Paintbrush that looks like it has a mustache

In my opinion, this is an amazingly creative idea for product packaging. Who knew you could make something like a paintbrush look so fun and interesting? This is a great example of why packaging should be so important to your company or brand’s marketing plan. Creative designs like this are popping up everywhere! Not just in the hardware and painting industries. Packaging design is hugely popular in the food industry right now. Brands are doing everything they can to ensure that their product stands out in the sea of similar products. Soon, packaging designs like this are going to be available in every industry, and unless you already have a loyal customer-base that continues to repeatedly purchase your products, your products may get overlooked.

What are some of the best packaging designs you’ve seen within the last few months? We are always looking to feature new, innovative design ideas, and we would love to see any that you’ve created or stumbled upon while browsing online. Be sure to bookmark our page, so you don’t miss our future posts!



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